Where is God ?

By Goutham , Transcribed  from Swamiji’s talk

Children sometimes teach us a lot.


Once a child asked his mother a question, “Mama, where is god .. ?”.

The mother proudly replied “God is in heaven.”

 “Who created heaven .. ?”

Mother, being proud that her son was religious, replied, “Of course, god created heaven.”

 “Before creating heaven, where was god ?” came the next question. Mother did not understand the question and was confused how to respond. She then went to the father.

 “Look! our child is asking something. Will you please answer ?” Father, with a lot of pride asked, “Hey, what happened ?”

“I asked mother who created heaven ? She said God. Now my question is that long before heaven was created, where was god .. ?”

 Father got angry. When you cannot answer a question, you exercise your authority. “Hey, shut your mouth! Is this the time to ask this question .. ? Study! Tomorrow, there is exam!”

 The poor child pretended to study, but started thinking. After half an hour, the child, not having courage to speak with father, said, “Mom, I know the answer.” Mother, feeling proud called her husband as well.

 “What is the answer?” They asked.

“Long before we came to this house, we were staying outside. Definitely, god before creating heaven must have been staying outside as well.”

 “Okay, where is that place .. ?”

“Before we were staying in an old house, and that house wasn’t that good. Because we got a better house, we shifted. So, god must have done the same thing.”

 “What do you want to say ?”

“We have heard another world called hell, which is not that good. So, god must have been staying in hell first. When he discovered that heaven is a better place, he shifted from hell to heaven, and left the hell for all of us.”

 All religious approaches, name it any religion, are based on this concept.

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