Viswamitra Covid Warrior Awards for Medicine, Law & Order and Healthcare Logistic


The Covid-19 pandemic emergency and the resulting restrictions have led the organisation of the Visvamitra International Awards of Excellence to postpone their 2020 edition, which will now be celebrated in 2021.
The 2019 edition, organized by Yoga Vidya Onlus together with the Municipality of Syracuse, with the presence of the Indian Embassy in Rome as Guest of Honour, was a great success; however, the rules and regulations put in place by the Italian D.p.c.m. do not allow an event to be held in attendance.

The spirit of the Visvamitra Awards of Excellence is to recognise and reward those who have distinguished themselves in sharing their success and skills with the society.

The Covid-19 emergency was an opportunity to see these real “heroes” in action. People of all social classeses and levels of education worked together night and day, in the most diversified professional fields, to respond to an unprecedented international crisis in recent history, that has left a lasting impact that none had ever seen or imagined.

With this introduction, the organization wanted to establish a special award category, the “Covid Warrior Awards” as a tribute to those who, in silence and far from the spotlight, have protected and cared for us, have helped sustain availability of essential services, and helped us avoid the worst. And their activity continues to this day. The Organization decided to award three symbolic personalities of Eastern Sicily, as a sign of thanks for the territory that hosted the 2019 edition of the Visvamitra International Awards.

It is a recognition that physically goes to three great professionals, but in spirit it is addressed to the thousands of fighters who with dedication and professionalism have spent themselves for each of us. The Organization has heard dozens of touching stories. And one book would not be enough to tell them all.

This year they presented the following three awards:

Dr. Maria Chiara Monea
Director Anesthesia and ICU of A.O. Cannizzaro Hospital of Catania

Major Stefano Santuccio
Commander Carabinieri Company of Augusta

Dr. Michele Fabrizio Lo Presti
U.O.S. Facility Management A.S.P. Syracuse

The ceremony was also attended by the Director of the Medical Area Department – Salvo Italia, the Director of General Affairs – Lavinia Lo Curzio and a representation of the Facility Management team, Enzo Nobile and Gaetano Maniscalco for the drivers, Piero Lo Bianco for the ambulance workers, Enzo Ruiz for the administrative staff”.

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