Bhujanga (snake) – aasana (posture)


Bhujangasana is a backward bending asana. In bhujangasana, the weight of the body is on abdomen. This posture resembles the cobra pose.

Getting Ready:

      1. Lie down on stomach.

      2. Stretch your legs and relax in Adhomukha savasana (downward facing savasana)

      3. Relax your shoulders and neck region.

      4. If you have practiced any other asana before, then take deep breath and relax until your heart beat becomes normal.

Step by step:

      1. Place your arms near your head.

      2. Rest your forehead on the mat.

      3. Bring both the legs together.

      4. Bring the arms below the corresponding sides of the shoulder.

      5. The hands should be placed beside the chest and very close to the body.

      6. While inhaling, raise the chest and head to the maximum extent possible, without resting the body weight on arms.

      7. Once inhalation is done, maintain the pose like cobra, and don’t hold the breath.

Common habitual errors:

      1. Straining the neck.

      2. Lifting the abdomen by shifting the weight to arms.

      3. Raising the legs.

Coming out of the asana:

      1. Exhale slowly and bring down the chest and head.

      2. Relax the arms.

      3. Turn the head to the side ways.

      4. Relax in Adhomukha savasana. ( downward facing savasana )

Avoid this asana:

Don’t practice Dhanurasana if

          1. You are a pregnant women.

          2. You are having serious back problems.

          3. You are having hernia.

          4. You are having cervical spondylosis.

          5. You are having severe ulcer.

          6. You are suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Bhujangasana can be practiced for 1 min. If you are not able to maintain the posture then you can remain in asana at least for 3 to 5 deep breaths and you can relax for sometimes and try doing the asana again. Bhujangasana can be practiced up to 5 times without straining the neck and abdomen region. To maintain the posture for long time, do not hold the breadth and keep taking deep breaths.


Bhujangasana is good for relieving the pain the back. This posture stretches the muscles in the shoulder, chest and abdominal region. It helps in improving the blood circulation in the spinal and pelvic region. Practicing bhujangasana daily, helps in relocating the minor disc slips. It also helps in removing the backache and strengthening the spine.

Doing bhujangasana regularly helps to improve digestion and relieves constipation. It stimulates the reproductive organs. It helps to correct the menstrual disorders in women. Bhujangasana is a natural remedy for utero-ovarian problems.

Practicing bhujangasana relieves the stress and fatigue. It is a extremely good for managing anger. For sadhakas, bhujangasana is very good practice for mastering the emotions. It helps in maintaining the balance and harmony.

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